Friday, July 24, 2015

The Second Amendment

In 1791 Congress adopted the Bill of Rights. In this legislation was the Second Amendment, which protected the rights of all Americans to bear arms. The primary reason for the Second Amendment was so the states could maintain a well regulated militia. Each American was expected to defend his country and his state against any enemy, local or foreign, that posed a threat. This included our own government if it ever became tyrannical. Today that expectation still exist. Until recently, nationalized citizens were required to swear an oath that they would defend America against all enemies. Obama has changed that.

Obama recently stated that his biggest frustration is that he has not been able to take away our right to bear arms.

Just before the beginning of the revolutionary war the British did exactly that. They took away the right of the colonist to bear arms in an attempt to made them helpless in the face of  a tyrannical British government.

Today, Obama is attempting to do the exact same thing. Once we are disarmed and helpless, the government will have complete control over the people, and we will be at their mercy, just as were the colonist to a tyrannical British government. Either we standup to Obama and his dictator style administration, or we are all in threat of losing our freedoms.

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