Monday, July 27, 2015

Murdered Chattanooga Marines may not be Eligible for Purple Hearts.

I served in the Navy, but I have always admired the Marine Corp as the premier fighting force of our country. For that reason, I am not surprise to hear that the investigation into the terrorist attack in Chattanooga indicated that the marines who died there stood their ground, and saved the lives of others by their actions.

Now, the Obama administration has said that these brave Marines will not receive Purple Hearts, unless it is proven that the attack was inspired by a foreign terrorist group.

 In other words, the Obama Administration believes this attack was the action of  a lone wolf, with no ties to any overseas Islamic terrorist organization. That sounds very much like what the government did to the soldiers who were killed and injured by Major Hasan at Fort Hood.

If Obama does not immediately  award the Purple Heart posthumously to these heroes, Congress should take up the matter and change the  requirements on who can and can not receive this honor.

Those Marines died fighting for their country and their families deserve all of the benefits that should come from their sacrifices.

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