Monday, July 13, 2015

Da ja vu Nuclear Deal with Iran

In 1994 President Clinton sent Jimmy Carter to North Korea to beg that country not to develop nuclear weapons. At that time, North Korea was in the middle of a nation wide famine, and the government was on the verge of collapse. Carter, being the bleeding heart liberal that he is, decided that U.N. sanctions should be lifted for humanitarian reasons, and that tons of grain and heating oil should be sent to  North Korea by the U.S. Government to alleviate the famine.
 Clinton and Carter, in their eagerness to get a deal with North Korea, threw all reasoning out of the window. So when North Korea balked at making a deal, Carter sweetened the pot by promising North Korea two nuclear reactors. In return, North Korea promised to stop trying to develop nuclear weapons. The U.S. would have to take the promise at face value, because North Korea would not allow unfettered access by inspectors to their nuclear sites. In 2002 North Korea admitted that it had cheated, and that with the help of Pakistan, had developed weapon grade uranium. Now North Korea is a direct nuclear threat to America, because Clinton and Carter were willing to make a bad nuclear deal with that country.
Today, President Obama, and Secretary of State John Kerry are willing to make the same type of bad deal with Iran. If Congress doesn't do something  it will be de ja vu all over again. Iran will become a nuclear threat to America, and they will do it with the help of the Obama administration.

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