Friday, August 14, 2015

Marco Rubio is Starting to Sound More Like a Democrat than a Republican

Last night Marco Rubio was on the Fox News show The Kelly File. The interviewer, Shannon Bream, asked Rubio about The Black Lives Matter movement. His answer was that he thought there was a big problem in America concerning how blacks were treated. He went on to say that he had a black friend that had been stopped by police eight or nine times in recent months, indicating that most cops are racist.

If Rubio had been honest he would have said that the majority of crime in the United States happens in poor black neighborhoods, and that most of the offenders are black. Cops that are proactive have a tendency to patrol in high crime areas and do traffic stops on those they think might be law breakers. Without the cops doing this, crime in those areas would be even worse. Cops spend less time in white areas because non Hispanic whites commit less than 10% of the violent crimes in America. That explains why blacks are stop  at a higher rate than whites.

He also stated that he thought too many black youths were incarcerated without just cause, and that some type of amnesty was needed for these youthful offenders, so their lives wouldn't be affected later on.

If Rubio has evidence that racist cops are arresting young blacks on unsubstantiated charges then he should report it to the justice  department. That's against the law. Young blacks that are committing crimes should be arrested and sent to jail just like anyone else. If they are given a pass, like Rubio is suggesting, it will only make  them believe  that they are above the law.

The Black Lives Matter movement is a far left anarchist hate group funded by George Soros, and the far left wing of the Democratic Party. It preaches that all whites are racist, all cops are racist, and that only black lives matter. The fact that Rubio would not condemn this hate group indicates to me that he is on the wrong track and does not understand what is really wrong in our black communities.

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