Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Democrats need a loss in Iraq

For the first time in the history of human warfare a country, the United States, has sent an Army to war and then declared the war not only unwinnable but also told the enemy the date we would surrender. To ensure the complete defeat of our military the democrats have dictated that all combat troops will be pulled out within four months while the support troops remain for eight more months without protection. It seems that the democrats are desperate to lose the war in Iraq for purely political reasons.

These provisions for defeat are in an emergency defense spending bill that is loaded with 20 billion dollars of pork barrel spending for democratic congressional districts. I guess the democrats thought it was okay to give a little something extra to their supporters while sticking it to our troops.

Nancy Pelosi’s recent trip to Syria, where she did a photo op with President Bashar Al-Assad, a key supporter of Hezbolla, Hamas and other terrorist organizations, should tell the American people that the democrats stand four square with the terrorists against President Bush. It seems to be a matter of the enemy of my enemy is my friend. In other words, both the terrorists and the democrats hate Bush. So be it if the terrorist also feel they have a religious duty to annihilate the United States.

The fact that most Americans support the democrats on issues pertaining to the war in Iraq is disturbing but understandable. For the past three years the liberal news media and the democrats have hammered President Bush about the war and it has affected that third of the U.S. population known as the swing voter. Or rather those people who are unable to think for themselves and are highly susceptible to propaganda. These people usually vote on one or two issues and lose sight of the big picture. After 9/11 most of these voters were behind President Bush because they were scared and felt a need to be protected. Since then, the liberal news media and the democrats have done and excellent job of brainwashing these folks into thinking the terrorist no longer pose a threat and they have all become loyal democrats. They will remain democrats until we have another 9/11 and then they will all run back to the republican party for protection.

Liberals also make up about a third of the U.S. population and are the core of the democratic party. They think the U.S. military is an instrument of evil and believe that our security needs should be met by the U.N. As one democrat told me recently, “The U.N. is a humane organization while the U.S. military is no better than the terrorist.” Some democrats have even suggested that the U.S. military be abolished.

The fact that San Francisco, Nancy Pelosi’s hometown, voted to ban all military recruiters from its city limits and make the city a military free zone should tell most Americans exactly what the democrats really feel about the military. Most true democrats would not be caught dead joining the military or fighting for our country.

Maybe American voters should stop and consider that fact before supporting the democrats in a plan that will harm those who are willing to fight for our country. I happen to belong to the third of the country that gives complete support to our military. I’m a republican and I believe that any attempt to remove the military from Iraq without victory first would endanger our troops and cause massive causalities. In other words, if we stop fighting and the terrorists don’t then we will have to fight our way out of a region where we are deserting our Muslim allies and leaving them to the mercy of the terrorists. I would imagine that they would be of little help in our retreat and would probably join the terrorists in their attacks on our troops.

The Russians tried to flee Afghanistan in the same manner as the democrats have planned for our troops and they were slaughtered.

After the terrorists defeat us in Iraq they will probably sabotage the flow of oil to the United States. When the price of a gallon of gas jumps to $10 and the U.S. economy collapses, two-thirds of the country will commence to whine and look for someone to blame.

The bottom line is that the military wants to finish the job in Iraq because they know that the U.S. can’t afford to lose. The democrats want to lose because they know that their political fortunes depend on our military failing in Iraq.

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Joanne's Views From Her Opened Window said...

But there cannot be a democratic victory if that is what success in this war means. The complexity of this war have to be worked out by the Iraqis alone as the presence of American troops has become an unwanted stumbling block by most Iraqis, I bet.